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Install the Angel Taxi application on your iPhone or Android by clicking the links below

Advantageous actions for our clients!

500 travel bonuses
Enter the promotional code "ANGEL" after installing the application and get 500 bonuses for trips
Interest from travel friends
Invite friends to the app and get interest from their trips in the form of bonuses
Discount for VIP-client
Regularly use the service and get the status of a VIP-client, always to go with a discount

Payment by any means

You do not need to worry that you can not pay by card or cash. We have both cash and non-cash payment available

The price is known in advance and does not increase during the trip

The price after the trip is always the same as that stated before the trip. It will not change, regardless of the situation on the road or the duration of the trip

Several classes of cars

You can choose the class of the car. For regular trips, categories are available: Economy, Comfort and Business. If a large company has gathered, the "Minivan"

Additional services

You can order additional services: baby chair, animal transportation or car with air conditioning. If you have luggage, you can order a car with an empty trunk
Went to the theater on weekends. After the performance, he began to call a taxi, the people were many, everyone was looking for a car. I called 5 companies - no one can find. Then he remembered that Angel Taxi had advised, and within 7 minutes the car was standing next to me.
Very simple and convenient application! And most importantly, that is quickly loaded and not overloaded with unnecessary options. Even a child can order a taxi in it.
This is a taxi with a fixed price, it is much cheaper than other services. How much I used, the car came always without delay. Everything was for its money is very good. I recommend to everyone!
I urgently needed to leave for business at work. Their cars were all busy, so I had to turn in a taxi. The employee recommended Angel Taxi. I liked that promptly provided the car immediately after the call and called a fixed price. The driver quickly drove to the right place.

Application Angel Taxi

Call a taxi at any time of the day and pay as you like. Invite friends and get constant interest from their trips. Have a good trip!